Sandra Hassink, MD

Dr. Sandra Hassink is past president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, an organization of 67,000 pediatricians with a national and global agenda for children. She has spent her professional career caring and advocating for children with obesity and is the Medical Director of the AAP Institute for Healthy Childhood Weight focused on translating research into practice for pediatric health care providers, families and children and advancing the field of pediatric obesity. Dr. Hassink has testified before Congress on childhood obesity, food insecurity and hunger focusing on supporting the foundations of child health. Dr. Hassink began the weight management clinic at Nemours/AI DuPont Children’s Hospital in 1988, She has authored A Parent’s Guide to Childhood Obesity, Pediatric Obesity: Prevention, Intervention, and Treatment Strategies for Primary Care, and Clinical Guide to Pediatric Weight Management. Dr. Hassink also holds a Master of Science in Pastoral Care and Counseling.