Ann Marie Chiasson, MD MPH ABOIM

Ann Marie Chiasson, MD, MPH, is the Co-Director of the Fellowship at the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine; her work includes developing curriculum and teaching Integrative Medicine to medical students, residents and fellows and at UACIM. She is board-certified in family medicine and integrative medicine, and graduated with honors from Dalhousie School of Medicine in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She completed a residency in family medicine at the University of British Columbia and a master’s degree in public health from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She completed a fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine (UACIM) in 2004. She has worked extensively as a Medical Director in hospice in Tucson and as an Integrative Family Medicine physician in Tucson and Canada. Dr. Chiasson has a long standing interest in traditional energy healing modalities and teaches integrative medicine and energy medicine around the country. She is the author of Energy Healing- the Essentials of Self Care (Sounds True 2013) as well as other publications on energy healing. For more information, go to